Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing course enables you to harness the power of Online Commerce as a core driver of the marketing strategy for your organisation. You will understand the foundation principles of Digital Marketing, and be able to distinguish how it differs from traditional marketing.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand:

  • Develop a far deeper understanding of the changing digital landscape
  • 2Find out how forward thinking companies are using digital effectively to build up their brands
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Foreign marketing Analysis

This course will present an overview of the unique aspects of marketing in the international business environment and provide the framework upon which multinational marketing management can be based. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the international marketing manager in the development of marketing strategies for a variety of markets in diverse cultural, political and economic situations. Focus will be on the decision making process in the areas of foreign market analysis, target identification, product planning, promotion and channels of distribution.

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Consumer Behavior Analysis

An understanding of the needs and behaviours of consumers is an intrinsic component of the development and implementation of successful marketing actions. Specific topics address the consumer decision process; situational and perceptual influences in consumer evaluation of marketing messages, products and services; motivation, learning and memory, personality, attitude and attitude change in marketing contexts; the influence of consumer demographics; and contextual influences on consumer behaviour, including that of the online consumer.

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New Product Strategy, Branding & Marketing

The unit is aimed at introducing students to aspects related to the design of marketing of products and services in the marketplace. It will provide students with skills necessary in developing and administering policies and strategies for both the company's existing and new products with a competitive edge.

The topics covered in this unit, would include: a framework for product management structure in an organization; an overview for the need for introducing new products; building your brand, understanding your customer...

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Marketing Research

Students gain an understanding of marketing research and its value in analyzing consumers, markets, and the environment. Topics include an overview of market research and research design, exploratory research; descriptive research; scaling; sampling; and data analysis and reporting.

By the end of this course you should be able to understand:

  • Explain market research theories and concepts and use this knowledge to design research studies in response to managerial problems.
  • Compare and contrast a range of common market research tools in order to evaluate the most appropriate tool for a unique research question.
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Pricing Strategies

Marketing mix for companies comprises of 4 Ps Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Price is directly related to bottom-line of any business. Profitability of product is required for future operation of the company. Price strategy should communicate to the customer the value company is providing.

There is in-numerable price related challenges in the market for companies. Furthermore, with the advent of internet customer awareness for pricing information has improved. Sites like Priceline and eBay are encouraging customer to name their price for products as well as services.

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